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    Homo Black/Polled 7/8 Bull

    Price: $4000

    Ad Information

    Category: Bulls
    Number Head: 1
    Animal: D653
    Reg#: BC91764
    Location: Fairbury, Nebraska
    Age: 17 months
    Frame: Moderate
    Horns: polled
    Condition: Moderate Flesh
    Birth Weight: 88
    Weaning Weight: 727
    Yearling Weight: 1132
    Current Weight: 1300+
    Fertility: Will Guarantee Fertile
    Vaccines: All
    Sell Part or All: All
    Funds: U S - Cashier check


    Homo Black, Homo Polled 7/8 bull out of a 14 yr old cow. Female maker for sure.

    Contact Information

    Company: Rock Creek Braunvieh
    Contact: Kendall Schlake
    Location: Fairbury, Nebraska
    Telephone: (402) 300-0745
    Posted on: January 18, 2018